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Web Design and Digital Marketing

Now more than ever, business success on the web requires multifaceted excellence. Creating a website is easy, but creating a QUALITY website has never been more difficult. Business sites today need to be attractive, fast, search-engine-optimized, and seamlessly shareable on social media.

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Experience in a variety of coding platforms means we can choose the right tools for your specific job. This expertise is your competitive advantage in making your site faster, higher-ranking, and more profitable.


Visual presentation on the web is an essential part of your business success. We'll see to it that your brand, website, or application will look its best on every possible device.


If you've already got an existing website, but are looking for ways to make it faster and more user-friendly, we can help. We can optimize your site to keep you competitive on the ever-evolving internet.

Social Media Management

Social media sites are rapidly overtaking search engines as the best mesurements of your site's relevance. To compete on the modern internet requires a complete social media strategy—and we can help you create one.

Web Design and Mobile Projects

Coronite Creative has worked on a wide range of web and mobile projects. From simple websites to web and mobile applications, we can make your digital vision a reality.

NourishLab.com is a complete online nutritional tracker as well as a customer relationship manager (CRM) designed for nutritionists, dietitians, and other health professionals. It's the internet's first web-based application which allows users to share meal plans with a full nutritional breakdown. It also implements the internet's first complete listing of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production of thousands of individual food items.

The Math Plus app for Quizlet allows users to add mathematical formulas, links and custom branding to their Quizlet flash cards. Quizlet Math Plus is perfect for students and teachers looking for an added level of functionality from their Quizlet flash cards.

JohnAndrewRed.com is a web site for an up-and-coming Phoenix-area rock band.

The Coronite Creative website serves as promotional and educational resource for our clients and potential clients. The site features a portfolio of our work and an ever-expanding list of study guides for various web and mobile technologies.

We're working with Central Candy and Hot Sauce Haven on a fresh an innovative approach to online and brick-and-mortar retailing. We'll have more details soon as the project grows!

Amadora Music is the brand of a local Phoenix-area DJ. The client wanted a minimal black and white logo that was clean and elegant - the type of logo that would appeal to a wide clientele. Coronite Creative looks forward to working with Amadora Records as we help build their online presence.

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We utilize the latest technology in web design and development to deliver the best user experience for your customers. We choose the right tools for the job to make your site fast, search-engine optimized, and profitable.

Ruby On Rails

Ruby On Rails is a development framework that allows for the creation of powerful web applications.


Wordpress is the most popular content management system (CMS) on the Web. Though easy to use for beginners, this open-source framework also powers some of the internet's most popular websites.

Angular JS

Angular JS is a Javascript framework that allows for the creation of dynamic interactive content in web applications.

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HTML 5 is the most up-to-date version of the core markup language that runs the World Wide Web.


With over 1.4 Billion users and 1.5 Million new device activations per day, Android is the world's most popular mobile operating system. Android mobile applications are now an essential part of any brand's business success.


Javascript (and Javascript libraries like jQuery) bring action and interactivity to the webpages on the World Wide Web.

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At Coronite Creative, we do more than just build websites and mobile apps. Think of us as business consultants with technical expertise. A beautiful and performance-optimized website is just the beginning — we'll help you navigate the tech landscape to find and keep customers for life.

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